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This is a combination circuit driven by a single ac source. The  impedances can be resistive and/or reactive.

Step 1--Prepare the equation for the total impedance of the circuit.

ZT = (Z1 + Z2) || Z3

Step 2--Apply Ohm's Law to determine the total current.

IT = VT / ZT

Step 3--Show that the voltage across Z3 is equal to the source voltage.

VZ3 = VT

Step4--Apply Ohm's Law  to show  the current for Z3.

IZ3 = VZ3 / Z3

Step 5--Use Kirchhoff's current law to determine the current through the series branch consisting of Z1 and Z2.

IZ1,2 = IT IZ3

Step 6--Show expressions for current and voltage for Z1 and Z2

IZ1 = IZ1,2
VZ1 = IZ1 * Z1
IZ2 = IZ1
VZ2 = IZ2 * Z2

Check the results:

VZ1 + VZ2 = VT


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