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IC Specifications and Simple Interfacing

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  • Logic Levels and Noise Margin
  • Other Digital IC Specifications
  • MOS and CMOS ICs
  • Interfacing TTL and CMOS with Switches
  • Interfacing TTL and CMOS with LEDs
  • Interfacing TTL and CMOS ICs
  • Interfacing with Buzzers, Relays, Motors, and Solenoids
  • Optoisolators
  • Interfacing with Servo and Stepper-Motoprs
  • Using Hall-Effect Sensors
  • Troubleshooting Simple Logic Circuits
  • Interfacing the Servo (BASIC Stamp Module)
  • Summary
  • Chapter Review Questions
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Answers to Self-Tests

From: Digital Electronics: Principles and Applications, 8/e
by Roger Tokheim