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The content of this course is provided as a companion website for the textbook, Modern Industrial Organization, 4th Edition, by Carlton and Perloff.  It is a publication of Pearson Addison Wesley

This site is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Pearson Education.

bullet Chapter 1: Overview  
bullet Chapter 2: The Firm and Costs  
bullet Chapter 3: Competition  
bullet Chapter 4: Monopolies, Monopsonies, and Dominant Firms  
bullet Chapter 5: Cartels: Oligopoly Joint Decision Making  
bullet Chapter 6: Noncooperative Oligopoly  
bullet Chapter 7: Product Differentiation and Monopolistic Competition  
bullet Chapter 8: Industry Structure and Performance  
bullet Chapter 9: Price Discrimination  
bullet Chapter 10: Advanced Topics in Pricing  
bullet Chapter 11: Strategic Behavior  
bullet Chapter 12: Vertical Integration and Vertical Restrictions  
bullet Chapter 13: Information  
bullet Chapter 14: Advertising and Disclosure  
bullet Chapter 15: Decision Making Over Time: Durability  
bullet Chapter 16: Patents and Technological Change  
bullet Chapter 17: How Markets Clear: Theory and Facts  
bullet Chapter 18: International Trade  
bullet Chapter 19: Antitrust Laws and Policy  
bullet Chapter 20: Regulation and Deregulation  

The links on this page take you to learning resources for a conventional textbook. You will find that each chapter includes more than one article. You will find the list of additional articles in the left-hand column on the providers Web page.

dreamstime_1428931_sm.jpg (10786 bytes)It is very important that you maintain a learning journal. throughout your learning experiences with this course. Record your impressions of the material as well as the knowledge you gain for the work.

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