Managing Personal & Financial Risk

Course Introduction & Expectations 

Clip 05 A Lifetime of Personal Financial Planning 

Clip 31 Risk, Return, Diversification & Life Cycle 

Clip 13 Making Decisions About Automobiles 

Clip 14 Automotive Resources & Research 

Clip 15 Leasing vs Purchasing an Automobile 

Clip 16 Pros & Cons of Home Ownership 

Clip 17 Understanding Mortgages & Mortgage Refinancing 

Clip 23 Finance Charges, Monthly Payments & APRs 

Clip 28 Homeowner's Insurance 

Clip 29 Property & Liability Insurance 

Clip 30 Automobile Insurance Decisions 

Overview of Health Insurance 

Health Insurance Products & Options 

Worker's Comp., Disability & Long Term Care Insurance 

Clip 25 Basic Principles of Risk Management 

Clip 26 Types of Life Insurance 

Clip 27 Determining the Right Type of Life Insurance 

Clip 33 Finding & Choosing a Financial Advisor 

Clip 44 Annuity Products 

Wrap Up and Review