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bullet Lesson 1 Cardiac arrest
bullet Lesson 2 Cardiovascular examination
bullet Lesson 3 Conquering the ECG
bullet Lesson 4 Understanding the echocardiogram
bullet Lesson 5 Coronary artery disease
bullet Lesson 6 Hypertension
bullet Lesson 7 Heart failure
bullet Lesson 8 Arrhythmia
bullet Lesson 9 Valve disease
bullet Lesson 10 Infective endocarditis
bullet Lesson 11 Cardiomyopathy
bullet Lesson 12 Aneurysm and dissection of the aorta
bullet Lesson 13 Pericardial disease
bullet Lesson 14 Adult congenital heart disease

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Cardiology is a rapidly changing field. New technologies such as drug-eluting stents, left ventricular assist devices, and novel inflammatory markers, and imaging modalities such as magnetic resonance imaging and three-dimensional echocardiography, offer us an unprecedented view of the function of the heart in health and an unparalleled scope of therapies with which to treat disease.

The online textbook for this course is:

Cardiology Explained
Ashley, Euan A.; Niebauer, Josef
London: Remedica; c2004

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