Topic Tutorials

Topic tutorials are relatively brief presentations that deal with a single topic. However, they are packed with essential information and guidance for further study. Most of them are complete chapters from leading mainstream college textbooks. Some require the Acrobat PDF Reader or the Google Play app.


E-books are complete, online books. Those offered below are available without cost. They are good for personal studies and especially good for group study. Many of our e-books are provided by leading mainstream textbook publishers. Some require the Acrobat PDF Reader.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are high-quality, relatively brief, and straight-to-the-point presentations. Most are professionally produced, but a few come from the home studios of armatures who take care to (1) have something meaningful to explain or demonstrate, (2) have a conscious knack for explaining the topic, (3) follow a rehearsed script, and (4) frankly give a damn about the people they are mentoring.

Extended Video Resources

Extended Video Resources are complete sets of course lectures and professionally produced documentaries. about the people they are mentoring.