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Jay M. Pasachoff, Alex Filippenko
Cosmos: Astronomy in the New Millennium
3rd Edition 2007
ISBN: 049501303X


Topic 1: A Grand Tour of the Heavens
Topic 2: Light, Matter, and Energy: Powering the Universe
Topic 3: Light and Telescopes: Extending Our Senses
Topic 4: Observing the Stars and Planets: Clockwork of the Universe
Topic 5: Gravity and Motion: The Early History of Astronomy
Topic 6: The Terrestrial Planets: Earth, Moon, and Their Relatives
Topic 7: The Jovian Planets: Windswept Giants
Topic 8: Pluto, Comets, and Space Debris
Topic 9: Our Solar System and Others
Topic 10: Our Star: The Sun
Topic 11: Stars: Distant Suns
Topic 12: How Stars Shine: Cosmic Furnaces
Topic 13: The Death of Stars: Stellar Recycling
Topic 14: Black Holes: The End of Space and Time
Topic 15: The Milky Way: Our Home in the Universe
Topic 16: A Universe of Galaxies
Topic 17: Quasars and Active Galaxies
Topic 18: Cosmology: The Birth and Life of the Cosmos
Topic 19: In the Beginning
Topic 20: Life in the Universe


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