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Air Inlet Duct SectionThe amount of air required by a gas turbine engine is approximately ten times that of a reciprocating engine. The air inlet is generally a large, smooth aluminum or magnesium duct which must be designed to conduct the air into the compressor with minimum turbulence and restriction. The air inlet section may have a variety of names according to the desire of the manufacturer. It may be called the front frame and accessory section, the air inlet assembly, the front bearing support and shroud assembly, or any other term descriptive of its function. Usually, the outer shell of the front frame is joined to the center portion by braces that are often called struts. The anti-icing system directs compressor discharge air into these struts. The temperature of this air prevents the formation of ice that might prove damaging to the engine. Anti-icing systems are discussed further in the lesson covering the engines they may be installed on.


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