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The gas turbine engine has five major sections: inlet, compressor, combustion, turbine, and exhaust. Engine terminology includes directional references, engine stations, and model designations.

Gas turbine engine construction is not limited to one type of compressor. The compressor may be either centrifugal or axial or a combination of the two. Compressors are made in single or multiple stage assemblies.

Three basic types of combustion chambers are in use: the annular, can, or a combination of the two called can-annular or cannular.

Gas turbine engines may use either an axial-flow turbine or a radial-inflow turbine. The turbine section may have a single- or multiple-stage turbine. The hot exhaust gases are exhausted overboard through the exhaust section. Exhaust ducts used on helicopters are divergent. The ducts used on fixed-wing aircraft may be of the convergent type.


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