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The fuel system consists of the fuel control, speed governors, fuel pumps, starting fuel nozzles, main fuel system flow divider, main fuel manifold, and vaporizing tubes or nozzles. Fuel is conducted between these components by flexible or rigid lines. The fuel system must supply clean, accurately metered fuel to the combustion chambers. All fuel systems have basically the same components; how these specific units do their jobs differs radically from one engine to another. Some systems incorporate features that are not necessary to the metering of fuel, such as fuel and oil heat exchangers, use of fuel pressure to operate variable inlet guide vanes, and compressor bleed mechanisms. It is the purpose of this section to illustrate typical fuel systems so that the reader may obtain some idea of the route of fuel and location of the components that make up the system. Figure 2.1 shows a typical schematic of a gas turbine engine fuel system.

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Figure 2.1. A typical fuel system.


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