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Gas turbine engines may have several fuel filters installed at various points throughout the systems, one fuel filter before the fuel pump and one on the high-pressure side after the pump. In most cases the filter includes a relief valve set to open at a specified differential pressure (PSID) between inlet and outlet pressure. This gives the fuel a bypass if the filter becomes clogged from contamination.

More than one kind of filter is used on turbine engines. A paper cartridge filter is usually used on the low-pressure side of the pump. It uses a replaceable paper element, shown in figure 2.9, capable of filtering out particles larger than 100 microns, or about the diameter of human hair.

Simplex Fuel Nozzle
Figure 2.9. Paper Cartridge Fuel Filter.

A cylindrical screen filter is generally used where the fuel pressure is low. The filter is constructed of stainless steel wire mesh cloth and is capable of filtering out particles larger than 40 microns. Such a filter, shown in figure 2.10, may be cleaned, preferably ultrasonically, and reused.

Simplex Fuel Nozzle
Figure 2.10. Cylindrical Screen Filter.

In addition to the main line filters, other filtering elements may be located in the fuel tanks, fuel control, fuel nozzles, and just about any other place fuel is routed.



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