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During the first few years of gas turbine experience, lightweight, petroleum-base oil was suitable for gas turbines as well as other types of engines. Most of the early engines used lubricating oil conforming to MIL-O-6081A, Grade 1010. Engines requiring an extremely light oil were operated on MIL-O-3519, Grade 1005. These were conventional petroleum oils of high quality and light weight which met the requirements of all the older engines.

Because of the continuous demand for greater power, gas turbine engines have been designed to operate at higher temperatures and pressure ratios. Some gas turbine engine oil temperatures encountered are considerably above the flash point of the petroleum oils. Because of this, a high temperature lubricant had to be developed. The oil used in all Army gas turbine engines is MIL-L-23699, or MIL-L-7808. These are synthetic lubricants which have wide operating ranges and load carrying capabilities. The MIL-L-7808 is used in engines operating below -25 F. OAT, and MIL-L-23699 is used when temperatures are above -25 F. This section discusses the various components that make up a typical lubricating system.



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