This is an apprentice-level course for the building construction trades.

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Lesson 1 Drawings and Specifications

Lesson 2 Woodworking Tools, Materials, and Methods

Lesson 3 Fiber Line, Wire Rope, and Scaffolding

Lesson 4 Leveling and Grading

Lesson 5 Concrete

Lesson 6 Working with Concrete

Lesson 7 Masonry

Lesson 8 Light Floor and Wall Framing

Lesson 9 Roof Framing

Lesson 10 Roof Construction and Trim Carpentry

Lesson 11 Exterior Finish of Walls

Lesson 12 Interior Finish of Walls and Ceilings

Lesson 13 Interior Finish of Floors, Stairs, Doors, and Trim

Lesson 14 Plastering, Stuccoing, and Ceramic Tile

Lesson 15 Structural Coatings and Preservatives