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This is the Table of Contents for Part 1
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bullet 1-1 Mathematical Prelude
bullet 1-2 Conservation of Mechanical Energy I: Kinetic Energy & Gravitational Potential Energy
bullet 1-3 Conservation of Mechanical Energy II: Springs, Rotational Kinetic Energy
bullet 1-4 Conservation of Momentum
bullet 1-5 Conservation of Angular Momentum
bullet 1-6 One-Dimensional Motion (Motion Along a Line): Definitions and Mathematics
bullet 1-7 One-Dimensional Motion: The Constant Acceleration Equations
bullet 1-8 One-Dimensional Motion: Collision Type II
bullet 1-9 One-Dimensional Motion Graphs
bullet 1-10 Constant Acceleration Problems in Two Dimensions
bullet 1-11 Relative Velocity
bullet 1-12 Gravitational Force Near the Surface of the Earth, First Brush with Newton’s 2nd Law
bullet 1-13 Freefall, a.k.a. Projectile Motion
bullet 1-14 Newton’s Laws #1: Using Free Body Diagrams
bullet 1-15 Newton’s Laws #2: Kinds of Forces, Creating Free Body Diagrams
bullet 1-16 Newton’s Laws #3: Components, Friction, Ramps, Pulleys, and Strings
bullet 1-17 The Universal Law of Gravitation
bullet 1-18 Circular Motion: Centripetal Acceleration
bullet 1-19 Rotational Motion Variables, Tangential Acceleration, Constant Angular Acceleration
bullet 1-20 Torque & Circular Motion
bullet 1-21 Vectors: The Cross Product & Torque
bullet 1-22 Center of Mass, Moment of Inertia
bullet 1-23 Statics
bullet 1-24 Work and Energy
bullet 1-25 Potential Energy, Conservation of Energy, Power
bullet 1-26 Impulse and Momentum
bullet 1-27 Oscillations: Introduction, Mass on a Spring
bullet 1-28 Oscillations: The Simple Pendulum, Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion
bullet 1-29 Waves: Characteristics, Types, Energy
bullet 1-30 Wave Function, Interference, Standing Waves
bullet 1-31 Strings, Air Columns
bullet 1-32 Beats, The Doppler Effect
bullet 1-33 Fluids: Pressure, Density, Archimedes’ Principle
bullet 1-34 Pascal’s Principle, the Continuity Equation, and Bernoulli’s Principle
bullet 1-35 Temperature, Internal Energy, Heat, and Specific Heat Capacity
bullet 1-36 Heat: Phase Changes
bullet 1-37 The First Law of Thermodynamics

General Physics with Calculus is built around Jeffrey W. Schnick's online physics text, Calculus-Based Physics. The book is descried as an introductory physics textbook designed for use in the two-semester introductory physics course typically taken by science and engineering students.

Our intention here to provide easy access to solid, calculus-based general physics for serious students of the subject.

If you find you are having difficulty following the presentations with this level of mathematics, you should switch to Free-Ed.Net's companion course, College Physics Algebra Version.

Or if you need help with the calculus, you should check out our courses in calculus and differential equations.

Primary content provider: Jeffrey W. Schnick, Ph.D.
Physics Department   
Saint Anselm College  

David L. Heiserman, Editor

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