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What are the electrical trades?

The electrical resources cover a wide range of skills,  from electrical distribution systems to domestic wiring.

These topics do not include references to electronics--a significantly different set of skills.


Study Units for the Electrical Trades

Basic Test Equipment for Electrical Trades

This lightweight presentation introduces the basic operation and application of ammeters, voltmeters, ohmmeters, multimeters, Meggers, and insulation resistance testers.

Pole Climbing and Rescue

This is a low-keyed, introductory course for pole climbing and lineman safety.

Power Distribution

These lessons are mainly concerned with the overhead distribution system. Here you learn about line work safety and the tools and equipment a lineman uses. You will learn the basics in constructing and maintaining a power distribution system as well as the component parts of the system.

Interior Wiring and Lighting Systems

In this text you will become familiar with the various code and specification requirements for completing the tasks properly and safely. You will be presented with various techniques for installing, repairing, and maintaining interior wiring systems.

Communications and Lighting


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