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  2. Enrich your study by doing a Google search for terms and expressions you find in the slide presentations. Use your learning journal to enrich and validate your work.


This presentation is based upon Educational Psychology: Reflection for Action by O'Donnell, D'Amico, Schmid, Reeve, and Smith.

Free-Ed.Net is not affiliated with or endorsed by Wiley Higher Education.

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This PowerPoint™ presentation has been selected for Free-Ed.Net learners because of its relevance, rich content, and clarity.  Even so, such presentations are rarely suitable as the only source of study material for a course. It is important that you use this presentation in conjunction with a Web search engine and your learning journal.

As you view the presentation, write out the key terms and expressions in your learning journal, and then run a Web search for those terms and expression.  Make notes of your findings in your learning journal.  If you do this right and stick with it, you will eventually find that your learning journal is your best study guide and study reference.

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