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The Necessary Small Print

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When you arrive at the Web destination, locate the name of the video you want to watch, and then click the corresponding video-on-demand (VoD) button.


Hints on Watching these Videos

If you are a serious student of the subject, you should watch the videos at least twice. The first time, you watch one of the presentations, don't worry so much about taking notes as getting the overall impression the producers what to convey to you. Then when you watch it the second time, take good notes, pause the presentation when you need time to think, write, or Google an interesting term on the Web.

Free-Ed.Net never asks you to pay for anything you receive from this online service. There are no fees (hidden or otherwise), no charges for books or supplies, no requests for credit card numbers, ...

However, most quality education providers cannot operate without some sort of direct income. So you are likely to find items and services for sale on the sites we recommend. You are never required to purchase any of these items and services as part of your work at Free-Ed.Net, although you might personally find some of them helpful for your own studies. The decision to buy or not to buy is entirely yours.