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Donations are Earmarked for Operating Expenses

I do not regard donations as personal income. Rather, I earmark them for operating expenses such as:

  • High-speed internet connections
  • Web hosting subscriptions
  • Domain name fees
  • Hardware and software maintenance and acquisition

The annual cost for these expenses is on the order of $1350.

What About Your Income from Ads on the Site?

Growing and maintaining the Free-Ed.Net site is a fulltime job for me. The the advertising revenue supplements my monthly Social Security Check.

Believe me, working on this website is a lot more fun than hosting at Walmart!

Thank you very much for considering making a donation to the pioneering lifelong learning activities of SweetHaven Publishing Services.

SweetHaven is a sole proprietorship that has been owned and operated by David L. Heiserman since 1985. The work is  probably better known  by its signature domain names, Free-Ed.Net and WayBuilder.Net.

If you are a cautious donor -- as you should be -- you will read the sidebars on this page before offering your gift.




Frequently Asked Questions

Are my gifts deductable under IRS rules? No. SweetHaven isn't a non-profit organization.

Are my donation transactions encrypted and secure? Yes. Every part of the transaction is handled on the secured PayPal site.

Do I get a receipt of  my donation? Yes. This is all handled through PayPal.

Can I donate with my credit/debit card? Yes, through the secured PayPal system.

Do I have to subscribe to PayPal in order to make a donation? No. You can use a credit/debit card.

Do you use these donations for personal enrichment? No. (See the sidebar on the left side of this screen)