About this Course

This course is intended from professional and apprentice plumbers. Although a do-it-yourselfer might find some valuable information in these study units, the presentations are generally too intense and detailed for the casual reader.


Units of Study
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Unit I: Legends, Symbols, and Takeoff Lists

  • Using Drawing Legends and Plumbing Symbols
  • Listing Plumbing Materials

Unit II: Installing Water Supply Systems

  • Water Supply Systems and Materials
  • Roughing In Water Supplies and Lines

Unit III: Installing Waste Systems

  • Waste Systems and Materials
  • Roughing In Waste Systems

Unit IV: Installing Plumbing Fixtures

  • Installing Lavatories and Sinks
  • Installing Water Closets with Flushing Devices

Unit V: Plumbing Maintenance and Repair

  • Maintenance
  • Clearing Stoppages in Plumbing Fixtures
  • Clearing Stoppages in Waste Lines

Most of the content of this course is provided courtesy of US Army Engineer School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri., Ohio.

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