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The Power of Roundtables

Are you familiar with the power of roundtables?

Roundtables are informal group discussions among professional people who voluntarily serve as information and support resources for each other. Participants meet regularly and learn from each other's experiences. Over time, professional relationships develop and participants become familiar with each other's businesses.

Practical support and guidance from individuals with varied backgrounds who understand the ups and downs of being a woman business owner and know you and your business is extremely powerful. Roundtables provide an excellent, economical way to gain fresh ideas, new perspectives and detailed answers to even your most specific business questions.

Want to join a "quasi-roundtable"online? (i.e. forum or newsgroup)

Online Forums are like silent roundtables in which a piece of paper is being written on and passed around to all participants. They are similar in that they are "live" like physical roundtables, but are unlike physical roundtables in that the group doesn't meet regularly in an ongoing manner.

Newsgroups are like bulletin boards where discussions can occur and be reviewed at the participants' convenience. Newsgroups are similar in that they can be ongoing like physical roundtables, but are unlike physical roundtables in that they aren't "live."

(Women's Network for Entrepreneurial Training and
Online Women's Business Center)


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