Essentials of
Small Business Management

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About This Course

One of the most critical elements of entrepreneurial success is learning how to manage yourself and others effectively. Whether you need to improve your own time management or need practical customer service advice, we have something here for you.


Core text for this course is provided by SBA's Women's Business Centers and the Management Institute.

Table of Contents
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Lesson 1. Leading Your Business Into the Future

1-1. Leading vs. managing -- they're two different animals

1-2. Key traits of successful leaders

1-3. Business ethics -- the foundation of effective leadership

1-4. Forecasting the future -- strategic management thinking

1-5. Change management -- it starts at the top

Lesson 2. How to Develop Good Relationships

2-1. Understanding your communication style

2-2. Do you listen well?

2-3. Negotiating -- you've done it before

2-4. How to motivate your employees -- unlocking the secret

2-5. How to resolve conflicts without killing anyone

Lesson 3. Sharpening Your Management Skills

3-1. What is your management action style?

3-2. Do you make good decisions?

3-3. Important structures of successful meetings

3-4. Quality & ISO 9000

3-5. You can't do it all ... learning to delegate

Lesson 4. Focusing On Professional Development

4-1. Mentoring -- what goes around, comes around

4-2. Networking -- the key to lifetime work

4-3. The power of roundtables

4-4. Staying alive -- by staying informed

Lesson 5. Looking for Mr. and Ms. Right

5-1. What are you looking for? -- writing effective job descriptions

5-2. Employees vs. contractors -- what is the difference?

5-3. Seek, and ye shall find ... practical recruiting techniques

5-4. The interview process -- how to select the "right" person

Lesson 6. Getting the Best From Your Employees

6-1. How to Measure Employee Effectiveness

6-2. Employee Benefits -- More Than Just $$

6-3. How to Motivate Your Employees

Lesson 7. More Issues On Human Resources

7-1. How to write a policies & procedures manual

7-2. Are You Familiar With All the Rules for Employers?

7-3. Parting Ways -- Effective TerminationTechniques

Lesson 8. There's Only So Much Time ...

8-1. What is the value of your time?

8-2. How to control time waste

8-3. How to make time for what's important

8-4. Balance is everything - The Wheel of Life

Lesson 9. The Basics Of Professional Etiquette

9-1. The value of cultural diversity

9-2. Telephone skills -- for you and your employees

9-3. Keeping in touch -- thank you notes and other gestures of goodwill

9-4. Professional gift-giving -- knowing the protocol

Lesson 10. Developing Your Boardroom Skills

10-1. The purpose of a board of directors

10-2. Bylaws come first

10-3. Responsibilities of a board member

10-4. How to select board members for your organization

10-5. What makes a successful board member?

10-6. Board level leadership:  How to work with board members

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