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17. Any triad can follow itself

When triads repeat, you can reposition the voices within the chord.

a. Move the upper three voices in similar motion up or down to another chord tone (Figure 2-35). Voices should not overlap.

Figure 2-35. Upper Voice Repositioning

b. Reposition two of the upper voices so that the triad changes position from open to close or from close to open (Figure 2-36). The third voice has a common tone.

Figure 2-36. Changing Triad Position

c. The bass voice can either remain on the same pitch or jump an octave (Figures 2-35 and 2-36).

NOTE: When repositioning a triad, you do not have the problem of hidden or parallel fifths or octaves. You still must make sure voices do not overlap, cross, or violate voice range and interval limits.

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