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In this lesson, you will learn substitutions, triad positions, doublings, uses, and part writing of the leading tone triad. You will also learn the use and function of the subtonic triad.

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Write voice doublings
  • Part write first inversion leading tone triads as a neighboring chord
  • Part write first inversion leading tone triad as a passing chord to/from I and I6.
  • Part write the first inversion leading tone triad following the subdominant triad, and
  • Part write the root position subtonic to first inversion subdominant and root position mediant triads.

Both the leading tone and subtonic triads are built on the seventh scale degree. The root of the leading tone triad, however, is a half step below the tonic. The root of the subtonic triad is a whole step below the tonic.

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