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11. The subtonic triad is a Major triad (Figure 7-25). It is not frequently used.

Figure 7-25. Subtonic Triad

12. The subtonic triad (VII) can be used to harmonize a melody that includes the subtonic tone. The subdominant chord normally follows the subtonic triad. This has the effect of a passing chord (Figure 7-26).

Figure 7-26. VII as a Passing Chord

13. The subtonic triad can also resolve to the III triad in root position. The lowered seventh scale degree (root of the subtonic triad) functions as a dominant of the mediant (Figure 7-27).

Figure 7-27. VII as a Dominant Function


Write the missing voices for the following progressions (Figure 7-28).

Figure 2-28. Subtonic Triad Part Writing

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