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About This Course

This short course presents the meaning of news and the basic elements which create news. You will learn about the required elements of news stories; the role of journalism; the skills, techniques and attitudes which make good journalists. You will also find tips on methods of gathering news and interviewing techniques.


Study Units
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Lesson 1:  Introduction to Journalism

In this lesson you will define terms related to journalism, learn the Elements of News, and determine the function of journalists.

1-1 What is News?
1-2 The Elements of News

Lesson 2:  What Makes a Good Journalist

In this lesson, you will learn to recognize the practices of good journalists see how journalists work.

2-1 What Makes a Good Journalist?

Lesson 3:  Gathering the News

In this lesson, you will learn about the various types of beat systems and sources of information.

3-1 Gathering the News
3-2. Sources and Tools

Lesson 4:  Interviewing

In this lesson, you will learn about the mechanical aspects of interviewing, develop note-taking skills, find how to pick interview locations, conduct interview research, arrange interviews, conduct the interview, and transcribe the results.

  • 4-1 Introduction
  • 4-2 Preparing Mechanically for Interviews
  • 4-3 Developing Note-Taking Skills
  • 4-4. Picking the Interview Location
  • 4-5 The Interview Process
  • 4-6. Conduct the Interview
  • 4-7 Conduct the Post-Interview

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