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4-1  Introduction

Interviewing, among all the crafts a writer might develop, is fundamental to all else a writer does.  Writers may occasionally write short articles without interviewing anyone, but most articles of substance require interviews to get the complete story.

Some writers seem to be better conversationalists than others, and, conversationalism aids the writer in conducting interviews.  But interviewing is a craft, with skills that can be learned, developed and improved.

Writing requires Journalists who can interview a source, take notes on the discussion, transcribe their notes and their memory of what was said, and who can then arrange it and convey it to the reader.

Many otherwise skilled journalists fear the interview.   Some don't know how to prepare for or set up an interview.  Some aren't sure of how to conduct interviews.  Others lack confidence in their ability to carry on a conversation.  These are all fears that can be eased by practice and effort.

The mechanical or equipment aspects of interviewing are easily learned.


David L. Heiserman, Editor

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