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4-4. Picking the Interview Location

Interviews may be conducted in or at most any location.   There are several things the reporter should consider when locations are left open to the writer.

The newspaper office has the advantage of limiting travel for the writer but may be a disadvantage for the interviewee in terms of travel convenience and time.  It may also be a poor location because there are usually few quiet places in a newspaper office where interviews can be conducted without interruptions.

If interviews are conducted in the newspaper office, policy should dictate that reporters conducting interviews are NOT to be interrupted for telephone calls or office business.  It should be as if the reporter were conducting the interview in the source's office.

If interviews are conducted away from either person's office the reporter should try to arrange to have as few interruptions as possible.   In some instances the reporter and source may only be able to take a short walk away from other people and extraneous distractions.

If interviews are conducted in the source's office, the writer is limited in what he can do with distractions, interruptions and comfort.   One of the most effective ways to limit interruptions is to advise the source that you only need "X" amount of time and then to finish within that time frame.   Many sources will ask their co-workers to not be interrupted In such circumstances.


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