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4-7  Conduct the Post-Interview

After the writer has transcribed his notes, he must decide if he has all the information he needs for his article.  If not, he conducts additional research or interviews needed to obtain the information.

If, in note-taking, the writer has kept separate ideas on topics or separate sheets of paper, he has made the task of outlining his article much easier.  The writer has only to organize his sheets of paper by topic to outline his story.  Having thus organized and outlined his notes, the writer has determined what information to use first in the article.

This, in turn, gives the writer his news or feature angle, and should point to how he will write his lead (the opening paragraph of the article.)   With the lead written, the body of the article normally falls into place.   After the article is written the writer will copyedit the article, rewriting as necessary and as time permits.

Figure 4-1, Tips on Interviewing, offers a quick review of the three phrases of interviewing.

Figure 4-1





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