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 All type III and some type II PCMCIA data storage cards have mechanical components similar to a computer’s hard drive and should be handled with similar care.  If dropped, they may be damaged, resulting in the loss of all data on the card.  They should be stored in a moisture- and dust-free environment.  Most PC cards with mini-hard drives are designed for reliable operation in temperatures between zero and sixty degrees Celsius.

All compact flashcards, all type I (and many type II PC cards) use solid-state (microchip) storage technology. 

These cards are more robust than cards containing mechanical hard drives and can operate reliably in extreme (-55 to 125 Celsius) temperatures.  However, data loss can occur if these are stored in an environment with a high concentration of electromagnetic radiation.  Therefore, the digital data they contain should be uploaded into a computer for further processing or transmission rather than being stored on the cards for extended periods.

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     PCMCIA/PC Cards

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