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5-3. Overview of Digital Image Processing

The Public Affairs Electronic Still Photography System (ESPS) consists of much more than the digital camera system (DCS), its accessories and peripherals.  The ESPS includes major end-items such as, a data card reader; flatbed and film scanners; a high-end laptop computer with its own peripherals and software.   The software includes programs that allow for importing or acquiring digital images and manipulating the images after they are acquired.  In permanent settings, a high-end desktop computer may be substituted for the laptop.

Here’s what happens after completing a shooting assignment with a digital camera.  Briefly, images stored in the DCS must be downloaded into a computer so they can be enhanced with image editing software for use in a publication or transmitted to a remote location.  A scanner is used to digitize hard copy or film images so they too can be downloaded for transmission or enhancement.   Lastly, the enhanced images are imported into a desktop publisher for placement in a publication.

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