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5-4. Downloading Digital Camera Images

The goal is to download stored images into the imaging editing system (IES), a software program in the computer.  Although the precise methods and procedures to download digital images into the IES may vary among specific digital camera systems and scanners, we will discuss the basic methods you will be expected to master: DCS to computer, PC card reader to computer and scanner to computer.

Important:  You must consult your owner’s manual for the specific procedures to use with your equipment configuration.

  • Downloading from the camera, itself.  The DCS’s firmware program allows it to "talk" to a computer that has been loaded with appropriate software or in which a compatible adapter-driver card has been installed.  The camera is connected to the computer by a special cable provided for that purpose.  An AC adapter is normally used to power the camera since the download function requires an uninterupted source of power. 

  • Downloading with a PC card reader.  The PC card reader may be installed in the computer like a floppy disk drive (Figure 5-1)) or may be an external drive, connected to the computer by a special cable (Figure 5-2).

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Figure 5-1. Floppy disk drive.

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Figure 5-2. External drive.

 If you are using an external drive, the card reader must be turned on before the computer is turned on.  Some systems require rebooting each time that you insert a PC Card into the reader.  To use the card reader, insert the PC card containing stored images into the slot in the reader.  When the PC card icon appears on the monitor’s desktop, the drive is ready.  Follow the download procedures that are appropriate for your configuration and office SOP.  After being downloaded onto your desktop or into a storage file you have created for them on your computer, the files may be imported into the IES for editing or enhancement.

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