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5-5. Downloading Scanned Images

Scanners, like digital cameras, use CCD technology and firmware to convert analog information to binary (digital) code files, which may be downloaded to a computer. A flatbed scanner, resembling a desktop copier (Figure 5-3), digitizes hard copy: photographs, text or artwork.  Film scanners (Figure 5-4) transmit high intensity light through the film, then through a series of lenses and electronic components to the CCD.  Film scanners come in many sizes and can handle 35mm to 4"X5" negatives or larger.  When using the scanner, you control input resolution and other settings using the scanning program software in your computer.

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Figure 5-3. Flatbed scanner.

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Figure 5-4. Film scanner.

 Once scanned and downloaded into the computer, the images can be imported into the IES for further processing or enhancement.  As with digital cameras and card readers, refer to the owner’s manual for set-up and operating guidance.

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