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Study Units
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Lesson 1 - The Camera

In this lesson you will learn about camera operation.

bullet 1-1 Introduction
bullet 1-2 Operating the Camera
bullet 1-3 Taking Pictures
bullet 1-4 Inspecting the Camera 

Lesson 2 - Exposure

In this lesson you will consider how the light exposure encountered during a shooting assignment impacts a photographer’s choice of recording media and/or ISO setting.

bullet 2-1 Exposure and Recording Media
bullet 2-2. Choosing an Appropriate ISO Setting
bullet 2-3. Exposure
bullet 2-4 Sorting and Handling Digital Media

Lesson 3 - Measuring and Controlling LIght

In this lesson you will learn how to control and use light.

bullet 3-1 Introduction
bullet 3-2 Available Light Photography
bullet 3-3. Shooting a Photography With an Electronic Flash
bullet 3-4. Filters

Lesson 4 - Ethics and Imagery

In this lesson you will learn ethical considerations involved in photojournalism..

bullet 4-1 Introduction
bullet 4-2. Guidance for Journalists

Lesson 5 - Image Processing

In this lesson you will learn how images are processed.

bullet 5-1 Introduction
bullet 5-2. Overview of Developing Film and Making Prints
bullet 5-3. Overview of Digital Image Processing
bullet 5-4. Downloading Digital Camera Images
bullet 5-5. Downloading Scanned Images
bullet 5-6. Resolution
bullet 5-7. Enhancing Digital Images

About This Course

This short course includes five lessons, giving the journalist the tools necessary to perform as a photojournalist.  These lessons provide a general knowledge and understanding of using 35mm and digital cameras; film and digital recording media; power sources; exposure and light control; image processing and ethical considerations of photojournalism.

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