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Working with Percents 

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Fairly easy = fairly simple
More difficult = more difficult

Converting Between Percents, Decimals, and Fractions

Fairly easyMore difficult 1 - Converting Percents to Decimals

Fairly easyMore difficult 2 - Converting Decimals to Percents

Fairly easyMore difficult 3 - Converting Between Percents and Decimals
This combines activities 1 and 2.
Fairly easyMore difficult4 - Converting Percents to Fractions

Fairly easyMore difficult 5 - Converting Fractions to Percents

Fairly easyMore difficult 6 - Converting Between Percents and Fractions
This combines activities 4 and 5.

Percent Problems

Fairly easyMore difficult 7 - Determining the Part
Example: 5% of 30 =   ? 
Fairly easyMore difficult 8 - Determining the Rate
Example: 22 is   ? % of 50
Fairly easyMore difficult 9 - Determining the Base
Example: 50 is 10% of   ? 
Fairly easyMore difficult 10 - Percent Problems
This combines the types of problems used in activities 7, 8, and 9.

About These Activities

These activities are provided as learning tools for classroom teachers, homeschool mentors, and independent learners.

  • Teachers and mentors should select and review the activities to be assigned to their students.
  • Independent learners should begin at the top of the list and systematically work down through the activities.

ed02.jpg (2452 bytes)If you have found these math activities useful, here are a few more that cover other important topics.

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Solving Linear Equations in One Variable



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