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Part 1   Perimeters

pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-1   Rectangle
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-2   Square
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-3   Triangle
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-4   Parallelogram
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-5   Trapezoid
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-6   Circle
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)1-7   All Plane Figures
Combines activities 1-1 through 1-6

Part 2  Areas

pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-1   Rectangle
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-2   Square
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-3   Triangle
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-4   Parallelogram
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-5   Trapezoid
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-6   Circle
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)2-7   All Plane Figures
Combines activities 2-1 through 2-6

Part 3   Volumes

pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-1   Rectangular Solid
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-2   Cube
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-3   Pyramid
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-4   Cylinder
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-5   Sphere
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3.6   Cone
pointer_blue.gif (844 bytes)3-7   All Solid Figures
Combines activities 3-1 through 3-6

About These Activities

These activities are provided as learning tools for classroom teachers, homeschool mentors, and independent learners.

  • Teachers and mentors should select and review the activities to be assigned to their students.
  • Independent learners should begin at the top of the list and systematically work down through the activities.
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