Welcome to one of the most popular free online PreAlgebra courses  on the Web. These are times of rapid change, and this study program is changing with those times. Teachers and home-school mentors, you will find slight changes taking place, but we try to select and  manage  changes so that you will be able to adjust your lesson plans with little or no special revisions.  We are also  busy completing  and enhancing some sections that have not been up to the standards of quality that tens-of-thousands of clients have come to expect over the past fifteen years.


Chapter 1 Whole Numbers

1-1 Introducing Whole Numbers

1-2 Naming Numbers

1-3 Rounding Whole Numbers

1-4 Adding Whole Numbers

1-5 Subtracting Whole Numbers

1-6 Multiplying Whole Numbers

1-7 Dividing Whole Numbers

1-8 Comparing Whole-Number Values

1-9 Ordering Operations with Whole Numbers.

1-10 Factoring

Chapter 2 Integers

2-1 Introducing Integers

2-2 Comparing Integer Values

2-3 Introducing Absolute Values

2-4 Adding Signed Integers

2-5 Subtracting Signed Integers

2-6 Combining Integer Addition and Subtraction

2-7 Multiplying Signed Integers

2-8 Dividing Signed Integers

2-9 Combining Integer Multiplication and Division

Chapter 3 Fractions

3-1 Introducing Fractions

3-2 Converting Fractions to Higher Terms

3-3 Reducing Fractions

3-4 Converting Between Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

3-5 Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

3-6 Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers

3-7 Finding Common Denominators

3-8 Adding Fractions and Mixed Numbers

3-9 Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers

3-10 Comparing Fractions

Chapter 4 Decimals

4-1 Naming Decimals

4-2 Rounding Decimals

4-3 Converting Between Fractions and Decimals

4-4 Adding Decimals

4-5 Subtracting Decimals

4-6 Multiplying Decimals

4-7 Dividing Decimals

Chapter 5 Powers, Exponents, and Roots

5-1 Powers and Exponents

5-2 Square Roots and Cube Roots

5-3 Working with Exponents

5-4 Powers of Ten

5-5 Working with Powers of Ten

5-6 Powers-of-10 and Scientific Notation

5-7 Working with Scientific Notation

5-8 Powers-0f-10 and Engineering Notataion

5-9 Working with Engineering Notataion

Chapter 6 Expressions and Equations

6-1 Introducing Expressions and Equations

6-2 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

6-3 Combining Like Terms

6-4 Using the Distributive Property

6-5 Removing Parentheses

6-6 Working With Formulas

6-7 Solving Equations

6-8 Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 7 Percents

7-1 Introducing Percents

7-2 Expanding the Scope of Percent Notation

7-3 Solving Percent Problems

7-4 Solving Percent Word Problems

Chapter 8 Measurements

8-1 The U.S. Customary System

8-2 The Metric System

8-3 Converting Between the U.S. Standard and Metric Systems

8-4 Significant Digits

Chapter 9 Basic Geometry

9-1 Introducing Geometric Figures

9-2 Finding Perimiters and Circumferences

9-3 Finding Areas

9-4 Finding Volumes

9-5 Working With Right Triangles

Chapter 10 Data, Statistics, and Probability

10-1 Data

10-2 Statistics

10-3 Probability

Chapter 11 Tables, Charts, and Graphs

11-1 Tables of Data

11-2 Interpreting Pictographs

11-3 Using Bar and Pie Charts

11-4 Reading and Creating Line Graphs

Chapter 12 Graphing

12-1 Using the Rectangular Coordinate Plane

12-2 Plotting Lines on the Coordinate Plane

12-3 Finding the Slopes of Lines

12-4 Graphing Linear Equations

12-5 Solving Systems of Linear Equations