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Rocker Arm Service

Rocker Arm Service

After disassembling the rocker arms, you should inspect them for wear, clogged oil holes, and damage. When wear is indicated inside the rocker bore, you can measure it with a telescoping gauge and a micrometer or a bore gauge. Rocker arms with bushings can be rebushed if the old bushing is worn On some rocker arms, worn valve ends can be ground down on the valve grinding machine. Excessively worn rocker arms should be replaced.

Also, inspect the rocker arm shaft for wear. A worn rocker arm shaft has indentions where the rocker arms swivel on the shaft. Wear on the shaft is usually greater on the bottom. Using a micrometer, check the shaft to determine whether wear is within the manufacturer’s specifications.

When reinstalling rocker arms and shafts in the cylinder head, make sure that the oil holes (in the shaft if so equipped) are on the underside, so they can feed oil to the rocker arms. Ensure that all spring and rocker arms are restored to their original positions as you attach the shafts to the head.

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