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Bearings are installed in an engine where there is relative motion between parts. Engine bearings are called sleeve bearings because they are in the shape of a sleeve that fits around the rotating journal or shaft (fig.3-68). Connecting rod or camshaft (main) bearings are of the split or half type (fig. 3-69). On main bearings, the upper half is installed in the counterbore in the cylinder block. The lower-bearing half is held in place by the bearing cap (fig. 3-70). On connecting rod bearings, the upper-bearing half is installed in the rod and the lower half is placed in the rod cap. The piston pin bearing in the connecting rod is of the full round or bushing type.

Figure 3-68.—Typical sleeve-type bearing half.

Figure 3-69.—Crankshaft main bearings.

Figure 3-70.—Connecting rod bearings.

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