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Hydraulically Operated Valves

Hydraulically Operated Valves

On engines with hydraulic valve lifters, it is not necessary to adjust the valve periodically. The engine lubrication system supplies a flow of oil to the lifters at all times. These hydraulic lifters operate at zero clearance and compensate for changes in engine temperature, adapt automatically for minor wear at various points, and provide ideal valve timing.

To adjust hydraulic lifters with the engine off, turn the crankshaft until the lifter is on the camshaft base circle (not the lobe). The valve must be fully closed.

Loosen the adjusting nut until you can wiggle the pushrod up and down. Then slowly tighten the rocker until all play is out of the valve train (cannot wiggle pushrod). Repeat the adjusting procedure on the other rockers.

To adjust hydraulic lifters with the engine running, install a special oil shroud or some other device for catching oil spray off the rocker. Start and run the engine until it reaches operating temperature. Tighten all rockers until they are quiet. One at a time, loosen a rocker until it clatters. Then tighten the rocker slowly until it quiets down. This is zero valve lash.

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