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LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Describe the different types of gasoline fuel systems, how the components function to provide fuel to the engine in proper quantities, and servicing of the gasoline fuel system.

The purpose of the fuel system of the internal combustion engine is to provide a combustible mixture of fuel and air to the engine cylinders. The ratio of fuel to air must always be in correct proportions regardless of the speed and load of the engine.


LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Identify the properties of gasoline and the components of a fuel system.

The function of both the carburetor fuel system and the fuel injection system is to supply a combustible mixture of air and fuel to the engine. Major elements of the gasoline fuel supply system include the following: fuel tank and cap, fuel system emission controls, fuel lines, fuel pump, fuel filter, carburetor or fuel injection system, air cleaner, and exhaust system. Before discussing the components of a gasoline fuel system, you should understand the composition and properties of gasoline.

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