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Off Idle System

Off Idle System

The off idle, also known as the part throttle, feeds more fuel into the air horn when the throttle plate is partially open. It is an extension of the idle system. It functions above approximately 800 rpm or 20 mph. Without the off idle system, the fuel mixture would become too lean slightly above idle. The idle system alone is not capable of supplying enough fuel to the air stream passing through the carburetor. The off idle system helps supply fuel during the change from idle to high speed.

Basic off idle system operation is as follows:

  • The driver presses down on the accelerator and cracks open the throttle plate. As the throttle plate swings open, the off idle ports are exposed to intake manifold vacuum.
  • Vacuum then begins to pull fuel out of the idle screw and the off idle port. This action provides enough extra fuel to mix with the additional air flowing around the throttle plate.
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