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Nozzle Operation
Nozzle Operation

The pressurized fuel from the injection pump enters the top of the nozzle body and flows through a passage in the body and nozzle spring retainer. An annular groove in the top face of the nozzle valve body fills with fuel, and two passages in the nozzle valve body direct fuel around the nozzle valve. When the fuel in the pressure chamber reaches a predetermined pressure, the spring force (adjusted by shims) is overcome and injection occurs. Atomized fuel sprays from the orifice holes in the nozzle tip, as the nozzle valve is opened inward by pressurized fuel. When injection ends, spring pressure snaps the valve in its seat. During each injection, a small quantity of high-pressurized fuel passes between the nozzle valve stem and the nozzle valve body to lubricate and to cool the nozzle valve. A manifold that connects to all of the nozzles returns this fuel to the tank.

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