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Radiator Hoses

Radiator Hoses

Radiator hoses carry coolant between the engine water jackets and the radiator. Being flexible, hoses can withstand the vibration and rocking of the engine without breaking.

The upper radiator hose normally connects to the thermostat housing on the intake manifold or cylinder head. The other end of the hose fits on the radiator. The lower hose connects the water pump inlet and the radiator.

A molded hose is manufactured into a special shape with bends to clean the parts especially the cooling fan. It must be purchased to fit the exact year and make of the vehicle.

A flexible hose has an accordion shape and can be bent to different angles. The pleated construction allows the hose to bend without collapsing and blocking coolant flow. It is also known as a universal type radiator hose.

A hose spring is used in the lower radiator hose to prevent its collapse. The lower hose is exposed to suction from the water pump. The spring assures that the inner lining of the hose does NOT tear away, close up, and stop circulation.

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