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Old radiator hoses and heater hoses are frequent causes of cooling system problems. Hoses should be checked periodically for leakage and general condition. The leakage may often be corrected by tightening or replacing hose clamps. After a few years of use, hoses deteriorate. They may become soft and mushy, or hard and brittle. Deteriorated hoses should be replaced to preclude future troubles. Cooling system pressure can rupture the hoses and result in coolant loss.

Inspect the radiator and heater hoses for cracks, bulges, cuts, or any other sign of deterioration. Squeeze the hoses to check whether they are hardened or softened and faulty. Flex or bend heater hoses and watch for signs of surface cracks. If any problem is detected, the affected hose should be replaced. However, where spiral spring stiffeners are used to control the tendency to collapse, such test will not work and the hose must be removed for inspection.

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