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Lubricating (Oil) System Components: Introduction


It must be remembered that the lubricating system is actually an integral part of the engine and the operation of one depends upon the operation of the other. Thus the lubricating system, in actual practice, cannot be considered as a separate and independent system; it is part of the engine. The lubricating system basically consists of the following: Oil Pan—reservoir or storage area for engine oil.

  • Oil Level Gauge—checks the amount of oil in the oil pan.
  • Oil Pump—forces oil throughout the system.
  • Oil Pickup and Strainers—carries oil to the pump and removes large particles.
  • Oil Filters—strains out impurities in the oil.
  • Oil Galleries—oil passages through the engine.
  • Oil Pressure Indicator—warns the operator of low oil pressure.
  • Oil Pressure Gauge—registers actual oil pressure in the engine.
  • Oil Temperature Regulator—controls engine oil temperature on diesel engines.
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