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Part 1. Types of Fits, Tolerances, and Allowances

bullet Introduction
bullet 1-1 Types of Fits
bullet 1-2 Tolerances
bullet 1-3 Allowance

There are various workpieces made by the machinist that require certain types of fits. These fits can be extremely close or they can be a loose or sliding fit. Whatever type of fit, the engineer notes tolerances and allowances on the blueprint.The more familiar the machinist becomes with these terms, the easier his job will be. This task described the types of fits, tolerances, and allowances.


Part 2. Using and Caring for Precision Gages and Measuring Tools

bullet Introduction
bullet 2-1 Precision Gages
bullet 2-1.1 Adjustable Gages
bullet 2-1.2 Fixed Gages
bullet 2-2 Precision Measuring Tools

Measuring workpieces and determining the correct amount of material needed to be removed is one of the tasks performed by the machinist. The machine, with the use of a machine tool, can only remove the correct amount of stock as determined and programmed by the operator. Therefore, as a machinist, it is essential that one becomes proficient in the use and care of precision measuring tools and gages in order to machine parts and components to the correct degree of accuracy. Undersized or oversized work is not acceptable in most machine shops and waste amounts to money lost. It is hoped that the information in this lesson will enlighten you on the proper use and care of the various measuring tools and gages.

About this Course

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the different types of fits, tolerances, and allowances; and the proper use and care of precision measuring tools used in the machinist trade.

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