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Part 1 -- Diseases of the Hard Tissue

1-1 General Information on Oral Pathology

1-2 Erosion, Abrasion, and Resorption

1-3 Dental Caries

1-4 Diseases of the Dental Pulp

1-5 Diseases of the Periapical Tissue

1-6 Periodontal Diseases

1-7 Abnormalities of Oral Mucosa

NEW Exercises for Part 1

Part 2 -- Diseases of the Soft Tissue

2-1 Oral Tumors (Neoplasms) and Laboratory Studies

2-2 Abnormalities of the Tongue

2-3 Developmental Anomalies of the Teeth

2-4 Oral Manifestations of Systemic Disease

NEW Exercises for Part 2

Part 3 -- Fractures and Dislocation of the Jaw

3-1 Fractures and Dislocation of  the Jaw

NEW Exercises for Part 3

About this Course

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Photo courtesy U.S. Navy

This course provides an overview the diseases of hard and soft tissues of the mouth and teeth, and an outline of fractures and dislocations of the jaw.

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