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Exercises for Part 2

1.  A surface tumor that may grow anywhere on oral mucosa and that grows outward like a cauliflower is a(n):
a.  Pyogenic granuloma.
b.  Papilloma.
c. Odontoma.
d. Fibroma.

2.  Oral cancer may appear as:

a.  Leukoplakia.
b.  Erythroplakia.
c.  An ulceration.
d.  "a" and "b."
e.  "a," "b," and "c."

3.  Cancer of the tongue tends to metastasize___ in development.

a.  Early.
b.  Late.

 4. A bright-red tongue and a burning sensation are characteristics of:

a.  Macroglossia.
b.  Ankyloglossia.
c.  Hairy tongue.
d.  Systemic smooth tongue.

5. Multiple or coalescing papillomas may indicate:

a.  Hypertrophied filiform papillae.
b.  A complex odontoma.
c.  Secondary syphilis.
d.  Squamous cell carcinoma.
e.  Partial ankyloglossia.

 Special instructions for exercises 6 through 10. Match the classification (name) of the fracture in Column B to its description in Column A.

Column A Column B
___ 6. A double crown is attached to a single root; a twin formation

a. Geographic tongue

___ 7. The development of more teeth than the normal number

b. Hypoplasia

__ 8. A tongue that is characterized by alternating red areas bordered by yellowish-white

c. Mottled enamel

___ 9. Lack of development, or defective development, of the enamel of the tooth before its eruption.

d. Supernumerary teeth

___ 10. Form of enamel hypocalcification that results from the ingestion of excessive fluoride during enamel formation.

e. Gemination


Special instructions for exercises 11 through 15. Match the classification (name) of the fracture in Column B to its description in Column A.

Column A Column B
___ 11. Ulcerative lesion associated with the first stage of syphilis a. Fibroma
___ 12. Disease in which the body is unable to use carbohydrates due to deficiency in insulin secretion of the pancreas b. Odontoma
___ 13. Notched, screwdriver-shaped incisors associated with congenital syphilis. c. Chancre
___ 14. The most common benign tumor growth in the oral cavity. d. Diabetes mellitus
 ___ 15. A benign tumor located within the facial bones or in the anterior or posterior dental arches, usually diagnosed from a radiograph. e. Hutchinson's incisors

16. When tooth enamel is chalky, crumbles easily, and contains white or brown areas, the condition is known as:

a.  Concrescence.
b.  Enamel drops.
c.  Dens in dente.
d.  Hypocalcification.
e.  Anodontia.

17. Hemorrhaging, ulceration, spongy texture, magenta coloration, and enlargement of the gingiva are characteristics of:

a.  Leukemias.
b.  Hemophilia.
c.  Diabetes mellitus.
d.  Epilepsy.
e.  Pernicious anemia.

Solutions to Exercises for Part 2

1.  b
2.  e
3.  a
4.  d
5.  c
6.  e
7.  d
8.  a
9.  b
10.  c
11.  c
12.  d
13.  e
14.  a
15.  b
16.  d
17.  a

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