10.2 Exercises for Lesson 10

1. List the three types of presentations.

2. ________ refers to the position of the spinal column of the fetus in relation to the spinal column of the mother.

3. List the four types of attitudes.

4. What areas should be looked at for flexion?

________, ___________, ___________, and __________.

5. The entrance of the presenting part of the fetus into the true pelvis or the largest diameter of the presenting part into the true pelvis is known as: ________.

6. The maternal pelvis is divided into __________.

7. Describe the following types of breech positions.

Complete or full breech- ___________________

Frank and single breech - __________________

Incomplete breech -_______________________

8. List the seven adaptations or cardinal movements that the fetus makes while in the vertex position.

For exercises 9 through 16. The following phrases, terms, or definitions in Column A are closely related to the information listed in Column B. Place the letter of the correct answer the spaces provided to the left of Column A.

___ 9. Abdominal palpation/ultrasound.

___10. Fetus head is partially flexed or not flexed.

___11. Degree of flexion of the fetus body parts to each other.

___12. Ischial spines.

___13. First letter of position code.

___14. LOA and ROA position.

___15. "Lie" positions.

___16. Direction on the presenting part of fetus to the pelvis of the mother.

a. Zero (0) station.

b. Longitudinal/transverse.

c. Most common/easy delivery.

d. Military/moderate flexion.

e. Evaluation of presentation.

f. Position.

g. Attitude.

h. Side of the pelvis of the fetus reference point.




Answers to Exercises for Lesson 10

1. vertex or cephalic.



2. lie
3. complete flexion.

moderate flexion or military attitude.

poor flexion or marked extension.


4. head.




5. engagement
6. quadrants
7. Complete or full breech--involves flexion of the legs.

The fetus seems to be sitting in a tailor fashion.

Frank and single breech--the fetus thighs are flexed on his abdomen, legs against his trunk, and feet are in his face.

Incomplete breech--fetus feet or knees will appear first.

8. descent.



internal rotation.


external rotation restitution.


9. e
10. d
11. g
12. a
13. h
14. c
15. b
16. f

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