8.4 Discomfort Related to the Reproductive System

a. Leukorrhea.

(1) Leukorrhea is a white or yellowish mucous discharge from the cervical canal or the vagina. It is caused by the hormonal stimulation of the cervix, which becomes hypertrophic and hyperactive producing an abundant amount of mucous.
(2) Leukorrhea is not preventable and the patient should not douche.
(3) Leukorrhea may lead to pruritis (severe itching), burning on urination, foul odor from the discharge, or edema of the vulva.


The physician should be notified immediately if any of the above symptoms appear. It may be an infection.

(4) Treatment/nursing intervention consists of:

(a) Reassuring the patient that this is normal. Tell the patient to use perineal pads and to change them frequently. Also, to cleanse the vulva at least once a day with soap and water and to dry thoroughly.
(b) Advising the patient to maintain good hygiene.

b. Braxton Hicks' Contractions. These are mild, intermittent, usually painless, uterine contractions. These contractions are in the preparation for the work of labor. Treatment/nursing interventions consist of advising the patient:

(1) That these are normal contractions.
(2) To get plenty of rest.
(3) To change position as often as possible.
(4) To practice breathing techniques when contractions are bothersome.



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